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This site proudly displays a host of articles and tips on all things Muslim Dating in the modern era. However, what we haven’t touched on too much up to this point has been what all of this dating, mingling and matchmaking is designed to lead up towards which, of course, is Muslim Marriage.

While online dating has taken the newest generation of Muslim by storm, there is certainly no denying that the ultimate goal of any young man or woman who is searching for their perfect partner is to fall in love and get married. So, we thought that we would take a moment to take a closer look at the magnificent traditions and ceremony of Muslim Matrimonial so that a) those who have not been raised in a Muslim family know what to expect and b) so those that were can take a moment and appreciate just how breathtakingly beautiful the Islamic nuptials can be!

We’ve touched on it early throughout our posts, however, for those uninitiated here is a basic outlook and how Muslim couples come to be.

Finding a companion to become your spouse is a process that is heaped in tradition. Historically, a Muslim man (or woman,) often entrust their parents, friends or community leaders to ‘set them up’ with their future husband or wife. The mindset is that these aforementioned people are trustworthy and know the man or woman in question better than anyone else.

As you may have noticed though, times are changing dramatically and while this is still the most common method of a Muslim meeting up with his or her perfect match, alternative options such as Muslim matrimonial agencies and Muslim Marriage Sites are now too considered acceptable.

Most Islamic families are now more than happy for their sons and daughters to meet potential husbands and wives through these channels, provided that a ‘Wali’ (a guardian – a close, trusted friend of family member,) is present when the two meet together for the first time. While it’s slightly less common, the two potential partners are permitted to meet up alone but only on the conditions that such a meeting takes place in a public area and if the modesty and religious behaviours they have both been raised with are on display and respected at all times.

So some might be wondering, ‘why is all of this a big deal?’ Well, we feel that a definitive change is taking place. It wasn’t all that long ago that Muslim Marriage Rules would have forbidden meeting your soul mate through any avenue other than your parents, close friends or community leader. Now, however, the options available for Muslims looking to marry are almost countless and we feel it’s something that certainly deserved to be both recognised and celebrated!

We should note very quickly that if you are planning to visit a Muslim Matrimonials website then – as with all dating websites – you should use common sense and proceed with caution. Any site that is legitimate and trustworthy will offer both user testimonials and most likely a money back guarantee on its services. Always take the time to read the privacy documents on the site so you know what information is being shared and with whom.

We plan to present a lot more articles on Muslim Marriage moving forward into the future here on but for now, we’re proud to celebrate the magnificent growing trend that is Muslim Online Matchmaking as an industry!

Here’s to your happiness!

If you’re interested in seeing what Muslim matchmaking site we think may be best suited to your personality type, don’t forget to take our Muslim Dating Quiz.

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