Muslim Dating Site Membership Prices – What’s Fair?

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One of the most commonly asked questions we receive revolves around how much people should reasonably expect to pay when it comes to signing up to an online dating service. Those who are genuinely interested in finding the partner of their dreams (judging by the emails we’ve received, at least,) are willing to pay a fee to join a reputable dating site, provided that amount is a fair one.

While the price of membership on Muslim Dating Sites tends to vary – some sites have different tiers of membership which boast different advantages – our most common response to the question of ‘How much should I expect to pay when joining?’ is, well, nothing!

There are many sites out there not that will ask you to hand over your payment details before you can ever see another member’s profile. Now, while we understand that these companies need to make a profit from their service, we also believe that a user should be able to get a feel of the site’s tone prior to making a financial commitment. After all, you wouldn’t buy a car without first being allowed a test drive, would you?

This is where the better dating sites allow you to sign up for free. Established, highly-reputable dating sites like and allow prospective members to join for free. They’re not afraid that once you try out their site that you will run for the hills. They’re confident in the service they offer, so much so you’re allowed to join and get a genuine feel for the site prior to deciding to sign up and enjoy the additional membership benefits.

In summary, you should never pay up front to test out any dating site – Muslim Dating Site or otherwise – and as long as there are sites like that are confident enough to let you ‘take a look around,’ prior to making your decision, you’ll always be sure that your decision to sign up and find your perfect partner online was a good one.

So, with literally nothing to lose and everything to gain, joining a site like for free could very well be your first step toward finding and falling in love with that special guy or girl you’ve been longing to meet. Start your search now.

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